He was born in Heidelberg, Germany. For more than 15 years, he has lived in the state of Quintana Roo, the last six years in Playa del Carmen. He is a member of the Society of German Nature Photographers.
He has participated in exhibitions and photography contests with great success. For example, he was chosen from over 28,000 participants from all over the world for the 125 images of the collection ‘El México de los mexicanos’, published and exhibited at the Banamex palace of Culture in México City. In 2008 he was the winner of the contest ‘Vida y Muerte’ in Xcaret. He won the Prize from the Public in the contest ‘Love and Erotism’ in Gallery Amarte in 2010.
His photographs reflect his magical sense as he captures the precise and subtle instant everything fuses; elements, light and composition. With his images he tells stories, focusing his passion with special talent and capturing nature’s true expression.